Just Say NO!

Just Say No!

   Now this has been pretty controversial when it comes to what age to start teaching your kids to say no to drugs or even what drugs are but I stick to teaching them from the time they can walk and talk. This will help instill in them that anytime they find anything that even looks like a pill/drug to not touch it and to get parent/guardian and let them know where it is. This will help just in case anyone ever drops a Tylenol/Aspirin/Heart Meds/Vitamins etc in the couch and cant find it then one day Wah-Lah it shows up and your baby has it. These all can be life threatening to a child, not to mention hard drugs are starting to look more and more appetizing to the younger crowd as you will see from the pictures below.

  I find it to be a good idea to start teaching your children that NOBODY should be giving them medications without their parent/guardians permission even if they are having a sleepover at a friends house. Parents at the friends house most likely will not know if your child is allergic to medications or how they react to certain ones and you are the only one that knows if you want your child to take certain medications. I for one am not comfortable with ANYONE giving my child medications as no matter how much I try to trust people you just never know what is going on and it is better to be safe then sorry.

  If your child has a medical condition that requires medication such as epilepsy/diabetes etc you should educate the child in what the medication is, how much they are to take, how to take it and what it looks like including the bottle. You should always pack that medication with the child for anywhere your child will be going even if its just to school, a field trip, sleepover etc. I remember back in school there was a plane crash in the area. I was stuck in school for a few hours after school let out and couldn't leave until my grandfather could pick me up. Unforeseen things can happen making it impossible to determine if the child will be home in time for their next scheduled dose. You should let the school nurse and teacher know how to administer the medication(s) as well, with the times, just for safety sake. I would even print off the instructions and leave them in the child's folder in the office just in case there is ever any questions (remember to keep this updated with any changes to dosage/medications etc). Anytime your child will be staying at a friends house you should send enough medication for the night and a little extra just to ensure that if something does come up the child will have enough medication to hold them over.

  I would also suggest packing some type of allergy medication if your child suffers from allergies just in case the friends house has pets, plants etc that your child could be allergic to.

**Teach your kids that if they ever find any needle to not touch it and to get an adult as soon as possible, Adults should not touch this as well as it is a health hazard as I'm sure you know. You could attempt to pick this up (not really recommended). If you do I would use something like a paper/plastic cup or plate or whatever else I could find to do it with but I would not touch it with my own skin. Wash your hands as soon as your done even if you didn't touch it. If you don't feel comfortable with doing that I would cover it with something stay by it to ensure that the kids will not be by it or interested in it, use it as an educational tool to stay away from it, contact your police department (not on the emergency line) and have them come and remove the item or let you know who will remove the item.

Here are some photos of drugs that I find very disturbing and is one reason I think we really need to teach our kids about drugs as soon as possible.
Drug Dealers are Making them more appealing to the younger crowds to gain more business by luring in our younger generations. (image above and blow shows images of ecstasy)
Drug companies are starting to make colorful pills which can resemble Smarties and other candies which can attract kids. Please be safe (Image above is of various medications from numerous drug company's)

Leaving on a good note here is a very good video for our young ones to watch. 
Catchy too! 
Get up and dance with em. HAHA

Remember if you have anything to add or would like me to add please feel free to add a comment below. I am always open to comments/suggestions. :-)

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