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   Teaching your children when and how to call 911 is very important and could save yours or their life someday. I have seen and heard many stories of children using 911 at the right times and saving their loved ones lives. If we educate them on how important it is to use it when an emergency arises we could all benefit from the results in the education of a child.

   Keep in mind when educating your child when to call 911 to not call them unless it is an emergency and possibly come up with some non-emergency and emergency scenario's that you can go over with them to see what they would do. This would be a great way for them to find out what is really classified as an emergency and what is not. It is very important to tell them that if an emergency is to happen to try to stay calm, tell the operator what is needed i.e. Police, Fire or Ambulance, tell them the address and to stay on the line and answer any questions the operator might have for them. It would be a good idea to have a paper with your address, phone number, emergency phone numbers, medical information of every person in your home and a number for an emergency babysitter just in case. Keep this written on a piece of paper and put it where everyone knows where it can be found and put it within reach of your child so that the information can be given to the first responders. Keep a first aid kit where it is easily accessible for everyone in the home (don't keep medication in it if small children will be able to get into it).

   Some of the things you should be asking your children are "what would you do if we were to have a fire?" or "what would you do if someone was trying to break into the house?". Role playing is a very good way to address various emergency scenarios and give your children the confidence they will need to handle the situations.

   In some cities officials estimate that as much as 75% of the calls made to 911 are non-emergency calls.

  When teaching your children the number to 911 keep it simple. Teach it as 9-1-1. (Don't teach it as 9-11 etc)

Here is an educational video for your children to watch and see when it is appropriate to call 9-1-1

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