Sunday, January 22, 2012

What would you like to see?

   Everyday I can think of a hundred different things that I can write about to keep our Families safe in one way or another. What I would like to do for a change is ask you what you would like to see me write about.
  • Has anything effected you or your family that you think should be addressed? 
  • Is there a safety tip that I haven't covered that you think would be very important to get out there for others to see? 
  • Is there something that maybe you know a little bit about but would like to know more ways to prevent something from happening or teach your child about it? 
I will try to add any of the requests that I get in. If you don't see one right away it is because I am doing research. I honestly do my best in all of my postings to bring the most accurate and up to date information for you.

Send your ideas to or leave them in the comments below!
Thanks again.

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