Friday, January 20, 2012

True Fire Story: Is it ever to young to teach Fire Safety?

Fire was accidentally set by a 5 year old girl on Tuesday Night 1/17/12 in Omaha, Neb.

   Since I just added the Fire Safety Page I thought I would share this story I just found. This happens all to often. This story is about a 5 yr old girl that was curious about a lighter. She accidentally set a fire in her 2nd floor bedroom. The Fire was so intense that one of the responding Firefighters Andrew Johnson suffered 2nd degree burns to his face as he tried to rescue her 3 year old sister that was trapped inside the home. Firefighter Charles Adams spotted the toddler from a first floor window. He was able to break the window out and brought the 3 year old out to safety. They believe that a fire down the street just days before may have sparked the child's curiosity for fire.

    All to often fires are started by young children due to their curiosity. A lot of Fire Departments have juvenile fire prevention programs available and a lot of cities put on safety fairs that will cover a lot as well. But until you can get to one of these it is very important to cover this as a parent and work with your children. We must work with our children constantly to ensure that they understand that fire is a tool not a toy. If we practice and role play with all of our safety tips/techniques these things will become 2nd nature to your child and they will be able to do these things without even thinking about them. Here is the link to the video on the fire I just mentioned Please take the time to watch it and to teach/work with your children.

<a href='' target='_new' title='Girl's Curiosity Blamed For House Fire' >Video: Girl's Curiosity Blamed For House Fire</a>

I will continue to post True Story's as I believe that they are needed to show us how important it is to teach our children these safety procedures. Please feel free to share your True Story's as well. Thanks again!

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