Monday, January 16, 2012

Welcome to Kids Safety Clown

Hello, My name is Kirby The Clown and I have been teaching kids safety for quite some time now and would like to spread the word to every kid I can as I believe it could save some very hard times for all of us.

My safety tips will be about Stranger Dangers, Saying NO to Drugs, Firearm Safety, Street Smarts, How to use 911, and more. I will try to keep up on various Safety Awareness Activities in various area's throughout the United States (this is hard to do so I could use your help).

 I am always open to ideas, comments and suggestions so please let me know. If you do have any comments or anything to add to any of the postings on this blog I ask that you keep it clean as there will be kids and parents viewing this blog. I will put a parents page up as well for the information that parents should be aware of and what I believe that they should work with their child on.

 This blog is not the end all be all of all safety and you and your child's safety should not be limited to what I do cover in this blog. I can not guarantee anything in this blog will stop or prevent any safety issues will not occur but we can try to prevent as much as we can by educating as many parents and children the dangers that are out there and how to possibly prevent them from becoming an issue.
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